Our Style and Our Topics:
We like to talk about things that we perceive to be issues close to Abba's heart for His children. These change from season to season, as He moves upon us and we all continue to grow and change daily closer to the image of His Dear Son. Our prayer is to stay continually in the very center of His heart, where we will always find something fresh, not stagnant. We are not "locked in" to a set seminar format. We actually prefer these days to be casual, conversational, and interactive. We like being with Papa's family and our goal is not to leave you with another memorable event, but instead to draw true wisdom and insight forth FROM YOU, to stir up YOUR gifts, and leave you with the unshakeable foundation of a Spirit led relationship with the Living Word. After our voice is long gone, He will continue to lead you.

These are our current topics:

Preparing For Perilous Times:
Designed to stimulate families and congregations to be prudent, prepared and POWERFUL Kingdom witnesses to a frightened and confused world. Jesus clearly warned us to keep our eyes on the events of the world which would precede His Second Coming. Throughout the Old and New Testament writings are warnings and preparedness examples and instruction. We have personally developed experience in many practical, biblically based end times skills. This hands-on workshop is best taught over a two day period, as it is quite extensive. Most is quite suitable for the whole family, with one objective being to stimulate family "teamwork" and coordination of the God-given giftings in YOUR family, then networking your family team on a congregational level.

In a private session with congregation leaders, we challenge leaders with ideas on how to fulfill the responsibilities of "the good shepherd", who guards, defends, and lays up provision for the sheep in the face of danger.

Kingdom Marriage:
Righteous, rewarding, respectful, romantic, and REAL, otherwise entitled "We FINALLY have this thing figured out!" Let us share what we have learned. It will help you. We have been successfully married for over 24 years in a marriage statistics said was 180% doomed to fail. We made it this far and so can you by His grace. If you are tired of seminars on marriage by people raised in "perfect Christian families" who are often not even married themselves, who are still considered by most to be newlyweds, who are independently wealthy, have 1.75 children and/or are inexperienced in overcoming real obstacles, you will benefit from our testimony. We are as transparent as we can be. We do not pretend to always have had it "all together", instead we glorify YHWH for the miracle He has made out of our marriage and communicate His miracle working grace toward YOU.

If this sounds beneficial to your congregation, let us share with you in this Couples Only-2 day session.

Kingdom Boot Camp: Raising Up an Overcoming Generation:
This 2 day session opens with a demonstration of team ministry by the Brashear Family, from the youngest to the youth. The young people will share testimonies of street evangelism, Hebrew and improvisational worship dance, puppet ministry, and Bible memory techniques. Mother and daughter team will address the young and mature ladies on biblical modesty- the importance of entering His presence continually aware of His Holiness. This is not a rigid list of "shalt nots" based on tradition, but a heart attitude check up, with some practical tips to help us all keep a Kingdom focus in a naked world.

Homeschooling will be addressed as a training tool for family outreach. We will address some imbalances in areas of sheltering, patriarchy, authority, replacement theology, and betrothal/courtship practices which have been detrimental to Yahweh's purposes for this movement, while embracing all principles truly built upon the solid Rock of Scripture. We are homeschool veterans of 20+ years and have been a part of the many facets of this movement, including the ultra-conservative side. We encourage you to learn to "eat the meat and spit out the bones". NOBODY has the perfect package program for raising a "godly heritage". Perfect children are not raised by eliminating modern music, wearing dresses only, or reading the KJV only. IT'S A HEART THING!!!!!! Only the Father is perfect and even He has a problem with rebellious children. Even conservative ones. He is not looking for "cookie cutter" Christianity. He wants us all to be REAL.

We are once again transparent with you concerning our failures and how Yahweh brought us through to victory for His Glory. We will discuss character, the "rod", discipleship vs. schooling, launching young adults into His calling, and many other topics to help YOUR family fulfill its destiny.

We give ideas for raising Spirit led, Spirit controlled, passionate, discerning, radical, vibrant Kingdom warriors who will stand through whatever is in their future.

Coming Back to Our Roots OR Which Way Will You Choose?
An overview of history which helps us all understand our true Hebrew heritage as believers. Understanding our Hebrew origins gives clarity to rightly discern our prophetic future, prepares us to properly pass the torch of biblical truth to the next generation, and connects us to the many faithful ones who have gone before us all the way back to Abraham. We show the purpose and plan of Yahweh for a pure, perfect Bride. We discuss the purpose of Torah (Yahweh's instructions), the end times revelation available in the perpetual Feasts, how anti Semitism led us away from apostolic doctrine and into Babylon, the origins of the Babylon system and its modern manifestations, the Time of Jacob's Trouble, and why it is vital to come FULLY out of Babylon today, while there is time.

We do NOT endorse any form of replacement theology and we support the existence of the nation of Israel as the rightful inheritance of the Jewish people. We are not of Jewish ancestry, to our knowledge. It was my privilege to tenderly care for the very personal needs of elderly Holocaust survivors as part of my nurses training in an Orthodox Jewish Center for the Aged and I helped a few dear ones meet death with knowledge of their Messiah. I did not "convert" them, but affirmed their Judaism and its completion in Messiah Yahshua.

We are Hebraic, in the understanding that there are two legitimate ancient divisions of Israel- Judah (the ancient Southern Kingdom, consisting of mostly descendants of Judah, Benjamin, and some Levites all called "Jews" historically) AND the other much larger division called Ephraim, consisting of all the other sons of Jacob who were scattered to blend in among the Gentiles until the end times. Much of Ephraim is found in "the church", particularly in the West, in ALL people groups and races in fulfillment of ancient prophesies. This explains to some degree why America has been a long time ally of the modern nation of Israel in the face of very determined opposition and until recent history was a center of Gospel ministry, declaring Jesus (Yahshua) to many nations.

We discuss what "the fullness of the Gentiles" means in America's history and modern events, what this revelation means to ALL of Yahweh's chosen people, why both Jews and Ephraim are facing a season of unprecedented persecution in the future, the full definition of the Gospel of the Kingdom and why we MUST declare it, how to come out of pagan idolatries and traditions, and how to avoid the "great falling away/apostasy". We are a BRDGE ministry. We appreciate and embrace ALL who proclaim that Jesus/Yahshua is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. We uphold that we are “saved by grace through faith. It is a gift of God, not of works, lest no man should boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9. The expression of the nature, love, and heart of the Saviour is found in all His sheep who are scattered throughout MANY denominations, cultures, and “flavors”.

If these topics are of interest to your congregation, we would love to hear from you.

If you have a congregational policy of only allowing men to speak, we wish to openly make you aware that we differ with your understanding of women's place in the assembly. We politely do not wish to usurp the authority of the leadership, and will respect your right to hold a differing opinion. Shekinah Family Ministry is a team ministry and both Jim and Robin speak freely on doctrinal and other issues, while having an orderly household under Jim's servant-leadership.

We prefer not to participate in disputations and debating as these are works of the flesh and distractions from Kingdom ministry. We will eventually post a variety of articles on subjects which are "hot seat" issues to express our years of study and experience and hopefully the Father's heart, on these sensitive subjects. But for now, we just want to let you know up front that we prefer to come to share "face to face" fellowship with co-ed friendly congregations. Racial diversity is also a plus for us. We have a broad "comfort zone" among true believers.

How Much? Is a common question among ministries today. We are a true ministry, rather than a business and are open to sharing wherever God leads, without expecting steep "speaker's fees" commonplace today. We ask to have our very reasonable traveling expenses covered. A nonrefundable deposit for traveling expenses is required and is calculated based upon distance. When we are traveling, we can often arrange to keep the distance minimal. We ask that you take an offering each day while we are among you which we receive in entirety. We provide our own lodging and food unless you would like to share a fellowship meal. We make our books available to your group. If you need to cover facility expenses, we ask that you charge a very minimal fee and make "scholarships" available for those in need. All gifts to us are tax deductible.

We would love to hear from you at to make arrangements for your gathering.