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Blessed Assurance

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While continuing to build upon the excellent family teamwork skills learned in Prepare and Pray! these ALL NEW PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES prepare your children to make prudent independent decisions when required to stand alone. A full year of ADVENTURE designed to be used in urban or remote environments by families with children of all ages and both genders.

Another life changing preparedness unit study curriculum by the authors of Prepare and Pray!

Blessed Assurance! is based upon The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare and Robinson Crusoe, the timeless classic by Daniel Defoe. These books were chosen for a distinctive purpose. As Prepare and Pray! developed the foundation for family teamwork in preparation for perilous times using Swiss Family Robinson, the stories chosen as the foundation for Blessed Assurance prepare your children to develop independent skills and a very personal relationship of trust in their Redeemer. In preparation for a life of responsibility during increasingly difficult days, these stories focus on characters who must stand alone, remain loyal to what is right and true, and rely upon resourcefulness and prayer to solve a multitude of problems.

The Sign of the Beaver is the story of thirteen year old Matt, a colonial American boy who is left alone on a n undeveloped homestead in the Maine wilderness, while his father is delayed in returning with his mother and sister. To survive, he learns to cooperate with a Native American tribe who teach him many skills in exchange for lessons in reading using a Bible and Robinson Crusoe. He has many adventures and the story is one the whole family will enjoy. Part Two in Blessed Assurance proceeds into reading the true story of Robinson Crusoe, the story of a young man who rebels against the guidance of his parents and reaps catastrophic consequences. He winds up on a deserted island, repents of his sin, comes into an intimate place of fellowship with the Savior where he no longer feels profound loneliness, and becomes skilled in primitive self -sufficiency. He is faced with issues as varied as self-defense, racial prejudice, and assurance of salvation. Blessed Assurance is designed to build character in your sons and wisdom in daughters who must also learn to make an independent stand for truth and honor in these last days.

In the tradition of excellence begun by Prepare and Pray! this unit study wastes no time on endless, useless crafty projects, no energy on excessive field trips, library research, or tedious twaddle. We waste no money learning unusable skills, or buying quickly outdated trendy time wasters.

Your time is spent on developing practical skills and godly character which will prepare your children to be over comers in these perilous but exciting times, now and for the rest of their lives!

Blessed Assurance takes all ages of your family to new levels of skill with all new projects and advanced activities in this hefty manual covering 36 weeks of hands-on fun!

Blessed Assurance covers all academic subjects except math and phonics/grammar and includes all ages from toddler to resident grandparents.

Examples of Subjects Covered:

* Character Qualities: overcoming prejudice, thankfulness, thrift, prudence, duty, discerning, ...
* History: Colonial America, Israel: the apple of God's eye, explorers and trappers, Muslims, much more...
* Science: Constellations, rollers and pulleys, vitamin deficiencies, conservation, fire safety, more...
* Life Skills: Advanced first aid, survival skills for the city and wilderness, etiquette, stewardship, much more...
* Family Living: Sewing, tool safety, cooking and food preservation, child and baby care, much more...

Blessed Assurance utilizes the same supplemental books as Prepare and Pray!- Reader's Digest Back to Basics, a KJV Bible, and a Boy Scout Handbook. Other books are recommended but not necessary. Use the library or what you have on hand.

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