Article: The Kingdom of Yahweh

Yahshua (Jesus) told us much while He was among us on the earth about Yahweh's eternal Kingdom. He kept things very simple. He said those who enter must be as a little child. Entrance into His Kingdom means starting all over again, with a fresh start as if you were once again a little child.

You must be willing to drop all your baggage- the stuff you hide your hurting heart with- the pride, resentment, unforgiveness, cocky attitude, all the stuff you use to pretend to the rest of the world that you are O.K. when you really aren't. There are people in all walks of life playing the "I'm O.K." game. Some of them are even religious people, people with an outward facade, all "blow" and no "show", brainwashed by the system of religion they were raised in, but never having a joyful living relationship with a living Yahweh. They use a lot of religious words, but they are just as empty and hurting as you are. If this describes you, if you think God is someone with a long checklist you have to complete before you gain approval, can I plead with you to burn the check list? Be as a little child.

Children are loveable when they are sticky, stinky, imperfect, uncomplicated. That is how Yahweh wants you to come to Him.

Yahweh's heart has always been to have a heart to heart relationship with you, where you can run to His Throne room at any hour in your heart, climb up on His lap, hear His heartbeat, and find that He is delighted to hold you, love you, meet your needs, and reveal to you the very special destiny He created you especially to fulfill.

From the beginning of time Yahweh had a plan that would bring you close to Him forever. It started in a garden with 2 people, a man and a woman who were the first people. They walked with Him in the garden every day. He married them and gave them everything they could ever want to bring them joy. He placed one restriction on them because without this they would be serving by compulsion, not free choice. Freedom is very important to Yahweh.

This couple misused their freedom and chose to disobey Him, which caused separation. This disobedience cost them everything. Death entered the world, disobedience spread throughout their children and grandchildren for many generations, disease and suffering were unleashed upon the world by the one who had deceived them. His name is Satan and he is still deceiving and destroying those who follow him. He promises freedom and gives you death, suffering, and ultimately hell. He hides himself under many labels, sometimes even deceiving people into believing he doesn't exist, but the goal is always the same. Your destruction, before Yahweh has the chance to reveal His plan for your glorious eternal life.

When death and disobedience entered the world, Yahweh didn't give up. He carefully chose to reveal Himself to some friends who would believe Him and do what He said.

He showed them His plans to fix the destruction and made promises which He always kept. These are written in the part of the Bible called the Old Testament. Part of His promise was that He would raise up a people who would be a mighty Nation, free from failure, destruction, and disobedience. Their Leader would be His own Son. Yahweh told them over 1,000 things that His Son would do when He came-where He would be born, what family, what time frame, and many details. So many that the mathematical probability of any one man fulfilling these perfectly is astronomically impossible. But Yahweh did it, in His Son Yahshua, whom many call Jesus.

Jesus (Yahshua) lived among us to clearly demonstrate the heart of His Father. His life was a perfect reflection of Yahweh. He was fully the nature of God and also fully the nature of man. He knows our thoughts, our struggles, and He lived everyday without disobeying Yahweh because He was full of the Spirit of Yahweh. He showed us what we could one day be by His example.

Yahweh is holy. That means He is perfect in every way. Absolutely clean. He knew man could never on his own attempts be clean enough to keep Him company. Nothing dirty can enter His presence. After disobedience came in through His enemy, Satan, man was polluted. There was only one substance in the entire universe that could remove man's pollution. The willingly given blood of Yahweh's own Son. The story of this tremendous sacrifice is found in the New Testament. Read the Gospel of John. Many have seen the film "The Passion of the Christ". This depicts a portrayal of Yahshua's suffering and death, but there is more to the story. He was perfect, sinless, and absolutely obedient to all of Yahweh's commandments revealed in the first 5 books of the Bible called Torah. You probably heard of the 10 Commandments from Exodus 20. Even by keeping these to the best of his ability, man still was dirty and deserved punishment. Only Yahshua was perfectly man and perfectly holy and able to obey ALL the heart of Torah.

He was the only man who was unjustly given the penalty of death. This plan to place Him in the position of receiving all of OUR much deserved punishment was a strategy known only to He and The Father (Yahweh). If Satan had known, He never would have cooperated. He is at war with God and man, has been since the beginning, and will be until he is ultimately destroyed.

The body of Yahshua spent three days in the tomb, while He went into Hell and took back the keys of death, hell, and all authority from Satan. He then set free all the faithful ones who had died before His sacrifice. They were being held in a safe place pending His victory. Men like Moses and Abraham were now able to join Yahweh on the basis of their faith in the Messiah, even before He lived. Yahshua then rose from the dead and presented Himself as fully alive to over 500 witnesses. How many witnesses do you need to believe this? He is still rescuing people. He is still alive. He is still changing lives. He wants with ALL HIS HEART to rescue you from WHATEVER you have done, WHATEVER you deserve, and He wants to make you new and fresh inside.

If you want this new life, it is very simple.

You must make a conscious decision to leave the old life behind. This is called repentance. It doesn't mean you have to "clean yourself up" first, quit smoking, go 6 months without saying a dirty word, or attend church. You just need to commit to Yahweh that you will follow His ways from now on. He will give you the power to fulfill that commitment.

Then you pray. Just talk to Yahweh from your heart. Tell Him you are sorry for doing what was wrong (name your "junk" as He brings it to your remembrance, and own it. Don't make excuses.) Then tell Him you are trusting in the blood of His Son Yahshua to clean the sin away. Thank Yahshua for the free gift He gave you with His life on the cross. Ask Yahshua to live His life in you, through you, to fill you with His Spirit, make you completely like Him. By then you will begin to sense His presence with you and in you, bringing peace (shalom) to your heart. You will probably cry from your new tender heart. That is normal. Just keep talking to Him. Yahweh is your Daddy now. He will never leave you or reject you. When He looks at you now, you are His treasured little child.

He wants you to know Him. You do this by talking to Him (praying) often and He will talk back to you as you read His words in the Bible. Read the whole thing and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what it says.

If you mess up, don't listen to Satan. He will try to tell you you are still dirty, worthless, and rejected. IGNORE HIM AND PRAY. Just like you did the first time. Tell Daddy what you did and own it with no excuses. He will ALWAYS forgive you and clean up your messes. You are still His treasured little child. We don't throw out our babies when they make a mess and neither does He. Don't make a casual habit out of it, but keep growing stronger, pray, read your Bible, and you will mess up less often. Consider this your spiritual potty training period and don't stress out over little accidents. Get your britches changed and grow out of it.

You will grow more and more into the REAL YOU. He won't take away your personality; He will refine you into a citizen of His Kingdom and equip you to be more than you ever dreamed possible.

Yahweh has more for you than you could ever dream or imagine. He will reveal your destiny and purpose. He will give you abilities you never imagined possible. He will fill you with power and wisdom to use it for His purposes. Please consider this an open invitation and accept Yahshua as your Messiah and the Leader of your life. You have EVERYTHING to gain and nothing of eternal value to lose.

The time is growing short. Soon the invitation will be retracted and your destiny will be sealed- either as part of the Kingdom of Yahweh or NOT. The penalties of belonging to the wrong side will be eternal, terrifying, painful, and permanent. Consider this day whom you will serve. There are no other options.