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“Busy homeschooling moms LOVE our resources because we waste no time, money or energy on useless skills and school is easily incorporated into REAL LIFE!” Our Featured Items...
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“Dads enjoy participating in our resources because we use familiar skills from Boy Scouts, lots of outdoor activities and hands-on fun!”

Prepare And Pray!

A vital part of any well rounded education will include emergency preparedness. This extensive, yet practical hands-on course will equip the participants to be ready to face whatever the future brings, while always acknowledging the True Source of our well being: God Himself!

A 36 week literary unit study designed for the whole family, toddler through resident Grandma and ...

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Blessed Assurance!

While continuing to build upon the excellent family teamwork skills learned in Prepare and Pray! these ALL NEW PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES prepare your children to make prudent independent decisions when required to stand alone. A full year of ADVENTURE designed to be used in urban or remote environments by families with children of all ages and both genders.

Another life cha ...

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Combination Package - Prepare and Pray! and Blessed Assurance

Order both resources and save $10!

(Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, as we are a family ministry. We usually pleasantly surprise people with the speed of our shipping, but we are occasionally delayed with unpreventable backlogs.

Please Note: The shipping fee is not included for overseas orders.
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Overcome ...

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This website is dedicated to equipping those who have chosen to belong to the only eternal Kingdom. The Kingdom of Yahweh. The Kingdom of His Eternal Shalom.

To equip the saints, especially homeschooling parents, our family has developed unique end times preparedness curriculum to help you raise a generation who will overcome and thrive in perilous times. It is our pleasure to introduce the 2006 Edition of Prepare and Pray! and its timely sequel, Blessed Assurance! These resources are suitable for wherever you are at on your spiritual journey. They have been used successfully by all denominations, missionaries around the world, recommended by numerous homeschooling and church leaders, homesteaders, unschoolers, and even used in a few private schools. The greatest feedback we have had however has been from children, both boys and girls, who say, "Thank you for making my school so FUN!!!!!"

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